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flatlands consulting group llc
was founded to assist management with the link between business innovation and technology.  This link goes back to the the very beginning--it was technology breakthroughs that enabled trade and gave birth to commerce.  The development of keeled hull ships by the Phoenicians in 2000 BC made it possible to sail against the winds and go beyond the shores to the Mediterranean. By doing something never before possible, the Phoenicians broke the bonds of geography and developed a flourishing trade with other peoples. 

Today, the Internet has broken the bonds of both time and distance and set the stage for profound, global change. Some business observers have given the event little notice, thinking that doing business on the Internet is simply a fad and will fade--after all, who is actually making money selling their wares on the Web

flatlands believes that the e-Commerce technologies is an infrastructure for extending a company’s inward focused, unique business processes to customers, trade partners, suppliers and distribution with new, outward facing applications.  These new applications are greater than the sum of a company’s internal computer applications added to the applications of its partners. These interconnections make it possible to do things in ways not previously possible.


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