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Business, What does technology have to do with business today.



Our staff has worked on various projects in Business Development, Business Management:

bulletCreated marketing and sales strategies
bulletIdentified market requirements and developed products
bulletManaged the day-to-day execution of the practice
bulletChairman of National Task Force to develop the market requirements for automating financial services companies.
bulletConvened a diverse group of financial services executives, technologists and consultants to solve common business problems.
bulletConducted various studies for banks and out sourcing companies on the use of technology in business.
bulletDeveloped long range plans and marketing strategies.
bulletConducted strategic planning management retreats to develop organizational direction.
bulletFacilitated discussions and served as a catalyst to provide innovative solutions to executives.
bulletPerformed diagnostic management reviews of financial institutions.
bulletAnalyzed management, planning, organizational structure, marketing, human resources management, financial and management information systems, products and services pricing, profit improvement opportunities, technology reviews, policies and budgetary planning
bulletProven experiences assisting senior executives define their business vision and providing companies with explicit business goals, direction, and measurements.
bulletImplemented formal business reengineering methodologies to aligned staffs, processes, and technologies in support of overall strategies
bulletParticipated in development of standards for the healthcare industry.
bulletAppointed to the Board of Directors of a consortium under the direction of Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop
bulletParticipated in the development of standards for health care providers and software developers.



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