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Even though imagination is boundless, technology still has certain limits therefore we take pride in defying expectation and rethinking traditional solutions. We challenge ourselves to find the ultimate expression of every new idea. Striving for the synthesis of form and functionality, we take technology a step beyond the limits of conventions



Our Mission  - Creating Superior Value

flatlands is committed to providing the most qualified consultants available -- experienced professionals who have functional skills, industry knowledge and decision making capability.  Whether resolving business needs or seizing a new opportunity, flatlands consultants provide companies with timely solutions to meet the challenges of today's increasingly competitive business environment.

Company Overview - In-depth knowledge

flatlands consulting group is not just another consulting company.  Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of technology and business and know how they must coexist in a company if the company is to be successful.  To many, consulting companies run to latest and greatest technology and then staff so they have the latest people onboard.  flatlands does not.  We evaluate each new technology and assess them to make sure that this is not just a fad but is instead an infrastructure technology that a business should and must invest in to protect their future.

CEO Message - To Be A Preferred Consulting Company

Our goal is to protect the investments of our clients in business and technology and to improve their bottom-line.  Today, technology is a driver for many of our clients and with the immense selection of technologies available it becomes a daunting task to identify the best solution for their current and future needs.  flatlands is committed to providing the guidance and knowledge to avoid the pitfalls that are everywhere. When time is money, you cannot afford to make a mistake.

Company Background -  Driving Business Value

flatlands was founded in September 2000 with the simple belief that their had to be a better way for businesses to invest in technology and be able to measure the returns on that investment as in other areas of the business.  For to many companies, technology was a black hole and still is.  flatlands consultants work with many large corporations throughout the world and advise them on business and technology strategy, application design and implementation and change management.

With the advent of the Internet Technologies, it has become more apparent that companies cannot afford the luxury of being wrong and as business begins its outward focus and interconnections with their business partners we need to understand the technologies as never before.  We need to make our technologies bulletproof and industrial strength.


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